For the Buyers

For The Buyers

Please be aware that we are often inspecting homes with family members who are older, who may be immuno-compromised, or otherwise more susceptible to or at higher risk to COVID-19 or other diseases. As this is still their home and we wish to show the utmost respect and consideration to them.

Please, if possible, bring a mask or even a scarf of some type to wear, or hold in front of your face, or as mentioned above, plan for a phone call or video conference.

Out of respect for the family/owner of the home, please do not touch anything. Please either keep your hands in your pockets, clasped behind your back, or at your side. Your inspector has spent about 1 ½ hours per thousand square feet inspecting the home. Please rest assured he has turned on all the faucets, flushed the toilets, opened and closed doors, windows, cupboards and closets, etc.

The buyer(s) only and their agent are allowed at the walk-through. Please, no children, additional family members, or contractors at this time. Any additional people will be asked to wait in their vehicles or outside during this time. As a substitute for face to face meetings, we are also offering our clients the option of having a phone conversation to go over the report or a Skype/FaceTime meeting with the inspector after the inspection has been completed.

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