A Beginner’s Guide to Home Inspections


There’s more to purchasing a home than just checking its location and interior design. It is critically important to have it professionally inspected to know it’s hidden flaws. Home inspectors are trained to examine numerous crucial items in the house and see if they are working correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Moreover, they alert you on the magnitude of issues or flaws in a house that could turn into problems in the future. With this information, you can then negotiate a better price with the seller or decide if the house is worth purchasing. To help you make the most of your inspections, J-Pro Inspects, LLC has provided a "Beginner’s Guide to Home Inspections".

Getting Started

Call an inspector immediately: Call a home inspector as soon as your offer has been accepted, and you are under contract. The sooner you get your home inspection completed the more time you have for deciding what you want to negotiate with the seller. Also, if you book the services of an inspector quickly, you can choose the inspection company you want. So, remember to keep watch of the Due Diligence date in the contract with your property seller.

Next Steps

Meet with your inspector: If possible, come for the walk-through with the inspector at the end of the inspection.

Ask questions: Ask as many questions as you have because there are no dumb questions. Also, you are paying the inspector to help you sort out your concerns, so ask away!

Go through the report: When you get your inspection report, be sure to go over it thoroughly with your agent. Discuss things that may be negotiable with the seller and things you are going to need to take care of yourself.

Advice From The Pros

Read through your inspection report: Don’t make the mistake of not going through the inspection report thoroughly and not following the recommendations given. Many people go on the walk-through and make a few notes. However, there may be information critical to you in the report that needs to be considered and discussed with your agent and any other party involved in the home buying process.

Final walk-through: Every buyer should have a Final Walk-Through the home with your Realtor before closing . Take your report with you. This way you can compare pictures on the report with what the house looks like now. If the home was occupied during the inspection, what things can you now see that were not visible a few weeks ago due to furniture and stored items? Were there hidden problems? Make a note of those items, especially if there are repairs that were needed. Also, double check problem areas. It’s now likely been four to six weeks from the inspection date. Has any other damage occurred, or is anything broken? You will need to look carefully. Those few weeks can change things especially if the sellers/renters were still living there.

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