Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

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When preparing your house for sale, there’s a lot more to do than placing a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn. You need to keep different aspects of your property in mind. For example, are you having a home inspection performed? Are there any objects or problems that could distract buyers? Can you add something to increase the value and appeal of your home?

It is not just good luck that helps sell a home faster. Making your home look like a place people want to be may help you increase your chances of selling for top dollar. To help you maximize the chances of selling your property, J-Pro Inspects, LLC has listed these five tips to sell your house faster.

Tip #1: Get a Pre-Market Inspection. 
Every house has issues. With an inspection, you’ll be aware of the problems within your home. You’ll also discover what a buyer may potentially want to be repaired.

Once the inspection is complete, fix the larger ticket items. This will reduce requests for repairs from potential buyers and make the selling process smoother. Besides, you could save money by ensuring the work is completed by professionals of your choice and without reducing the asking price of your home for the buyers.

Tip #2: Take Your Pets with You or Put Them in a Kennel. 
If you have pets, please take them with you or kennel them during an inspection and appraisal. No one wants a pet to escape while you are in the midst of selling your home. Inspectors are in and out of the house multiple times: carrying ladders, vacuums, tool boxes and more. For them to see what’s underfoot can be challenging. Apart from this, they have no control over a pet determined to leave the house when a door is opened. During the walk through, the buyers will be able to focus on what the inspector has to say about the property if they are not distracted by pets.

Tip #3: Clean Your House with Natural Products.
We want everyone to have a safe home and a pleasant experience. As soon as you know you are moving, please remove all scented items from your home. Scented items are filled with health-damaging chemicals (you will find many articles online on about health issues caused by scented items, including perfumes and colognes). They are often used to cover problems in the house. A seller will lose thirty percent of potential home buyers due to having scented items in the home. Buyers often wonder what smells or issues are being covered up. In addition to this, most scented products cause asthma and other breathing difficulties, allergies, itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing, migraines, headaches and more. If you want your home to smell great, clean with vinegar and water, or Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap or other natural products, and maybe, bake some cookies or pop some popcorn before leaving the home during the inspection time and when the buyers arrive, it may smell just like home.

Who knows? They might make an offer on the home and wonder how much extra it would be for a batch of chocolate chip cookies to be thrown into the deal.

Tip #4: De-clutter Every Room. 
Make sure cluttered areas of your home, including counter tops, are straightened up and cleaned off. When walking into a house, it is nice to see space. That is a high selling point. When a counter is covered with items everywhere, it makes the room seem small. Less is better, so it is an excellent idea to de-clutter all rooms. De-cluttering will benefit anyone who visits your home: potential buyers, the inspector, and appraiser.

Tip #5: Brighten Up Your Home. 
Most people are drawn to light. A few ways to let your home shine is by replacing burned out light bulbs, cleaning windows, and opening the curtains and blinds. A bright home can generally bring a warm feeling and a sense of calm.

Selling your house fast can be difficult, but if you follow these tips, you will get a quick sale at the highest possible price. To make sure your home is presentable before being placed in the market, reach out to the professionals at J-Pro Inspects, LLC, in Utah.

As InterNACHI Certified home inspectors, we treat clients like family as we provide high-quality home inspections and testing for the safety of your family. In addition to home inspections, we offer radon testing, mold sampling, Meth testing, mold air quality testing, realtor "For Sale" sign-posts, winterizing, thermal imaging, sewer scopes.

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